Academic Anxiety

This assessment will help you better understand the emotional reactions and impacts of these emotional reactions that you might experience when doing an academic task. It helps you consider to what degree you are impacted by school related anxiety. While answering these questions, think about how you feel while studying, doing homework, preparing for an exam, or doing a project/group assignment. (1) Strongly Disagree (2) Disagree (3) Agree (4) Strongly Agree

Questions 1 2 3 4
I don't feel like I've studied enough, even though I've studied for hours.
I have no doubt that I will achieve my academic goals.
Since starting secondary school, I feel that my performance is not as good as I expected.
I feel embarrassed when I get a low grade.
When I don’t reach my goals, my stress level increases.
I have a lack of self-confidence in academic subjects.
I often feel like I will not be able to reach my academic goals.
I am afraid of failing.
I am not satisfied with my academic performance.
I have doubts about whether I can really learn while I am studying.
No matter how hard I try, I feel like it's not enough for success.
I feel like I have to learn more than is required.
I feel that the homework or assignments are too difficult.
I don’t feel pressure because of the support I get from my teachers.
I worry that sometimes the teachers’ methods don’t suit my learning style.
I find the content of the text books used in classes are very detailed and difficult for me to use, this causes me stress.
I get nervous when I feel that I don't understand something.
I feel that the homework or assignments given are too difficult.
When I realise that I cannot understand the teaching methods, my level of anxiety increases.
Since I started secondary school, I feel that I can’t follow the teachers as they explain things too quickly.
In some classes I need to spend a lot of time looking at information and data.
I think school and school work take up too much of my time.
While I am studying or at school, I feel stressed all the time.
I have trouble sleeping because I'm worried about exams.
I don't feel any pressure about exams, I just focus on my answers.
I often feel dizzy during the exam.
When the exam starts, my palms start sweating.
I feel like I'm going to faint when I take the exam.
My hands often shake in exams.
I don't get excited during the exam I just focus on the questions and their answers.
Even though I studied very efficiently, during the exam I have difficulty in remembering the things I learned.
There is a lot of competition among my classmates, and this puts me under intense pressure.
I think my family has very high expectations for me.
I feel under pressure when I think about my future education and employment.
I think my teachers have very high expectations of me.
I feel under pressure when I think about my future education and employment.
I think my teachers have very high expectations of me.
If I fail, I will feel like have let my family down.
I worry too much that my academic results are not as good as those of my classmates.