Academic Motivation Scale

This assessment attempts to capture your openness to achieve certain academic goals. Identifying your motivation and sources of motivation for learning can be a useful starting point for achieving your academic goals. Use the following scale when answering: (1) Strongly Disagree (2) Disagree (3) Agree (4) Strongly Agree

Questions 1 2 3 4
I want to learn everything I have to learn.
Studying will help me reach my goals.
I like doing research about the topics even if I don't have homework or exams.
I enjoy listening to and understanding the things that are taught in the lesson.
I feel happy when I learn new topics in class.
Learning new things doesn’t excite me that much.
I like taking responsibility for my learning of a topic.
I research and find new sources to help me learn the subjects that I don’t understand.
I keep studying until I understand the subject.
I try to do my best while studying.
I study because I get satisfaction out of studying.
I study because being successful makes me happy.
When I don't understand the subject, I try to learn it by asking my friends and teachers questions.
I only study because my parents want me to.
I am studying in school so that I can study at a good university in the future.
I study to get good grades in exams.
I study because it will enable me to have a more comfortable life in the future.
I study because I don't want to be seen as unsuccessful.
Studying will help me to achieve my parents goals for me.
I study so that I can be seen as successful by others.
I study because it will enable me to have a respectable profession.
Learning something new doesn't excite me.
I don’t like studying.
I give up when I don’t understand the question.
Too many tasks and lessons make me tired.
I don't care when I get a low score on any exam.
I always think of other things while listening in class or studying on my own.
I do nothing except homework.
I get bored in class.