Academic Self Assessment

Academic Self assessment is a measure of how you think about yourself in relation to your perceived ability in being successful in a task. This understanding of yourself plays an important role in how you think about yourself. Your beliefs about how you can accomplish that task are extremely important before doing your academic tasks. This quiz has been prepared to reveal how you evaluate yourself in your academic life. Think about what you are doing while studying, doing homework, or preparing for an exam, and answer the following questions. (1) Strongly Disagree (2) Disagree (3) Agree (4) Strongly Agree

Questions 1 2 3 4
I use library resources, the internet or other textbooks when it is necessary.
When I try to understand a subject, I try to benefit from different ways of learning in addition to the ones that I learn at school.
When I need it, I can ask for help about the topics that I do not understand.
I try to learn on my own rather than relying on others.
I don't know how to access different resources.
I try to personalise the information I have learned.
I prepare and review questions and practice solutions and answers.
I don't understand my subject classes.
When I learn something new; I often forget the previous one.
I have to reread to understand the information.
I can make connections between what I learn in one class and other classes.
I find I always daydream instead of studying or listening.
I am generally a successful student.
I am capable of studying at higher level and achieving high grades.
I can follow the classes easily and with focus.
I don't want to do school tasks.
I always study for exams at the last minute.
I can usually complete exams on time.
I don't know what or how I should study for the exams.
I often feel helpless in exams.
I can finish exams easily and with focus.
I get nervous when I am faced with a question that I can’t answer in the exam.