Limiting Thinking Patterns

Our thinking patterns can have an impact on our approach to life and how we approach different tasks. This is particularly true about the thinking patterns we have about our academic ability and approach. This quiz is designed to measure your determination and your self talk that can help you to achieve academic success. Consider the way you face challenges and study, use the following scale to respond to the following statements: (1) Strongly Disagree (2) Disagree (3) Agree (4) Strongly Agree

Questions 1 2 3 4
I must always do my best when performing my academic tasks.
I have to get high marks on every exam.
I can’t stand failing.
Being academically successful is the most important thing in my life.
I try to do my homework or projects perfectly.
If I fulfil my academic tasks successfully, I will prove myself.
If I don't fulfil my academic duties, I will disappoint my family.
If I don't study hard enough and do well in the exams, my future won't be as good as I want .
If I get a low grade on an exam, I will disappoint my parents.
If I can't fulfill my academic tasks, it will be a disaster for me.
When I'm not successful enough, I can’t bear it.
If I do not complete my academic work successfully, I will be seen as a disgrace.
If I don't fulfill my academic duties, I will feel worthless.
If I'm not successful enough, no one will respect me.
The fact that I have no academic achievements makes me feel inadequate.
In order for my family/friends/teachers to love me, I must successfully complete my academic tasks
When I get a low grade in an exam, people will think I have failed.
Even if only one of my exams is bad, I think I'm failing academically.
If my teacher finds even a single mistake in my presentation or homework, that task has failed.
Although most of my grades are high, the fact that only one of my grades is low makes me think that I will fail the class.